Forklift Truck Driving Certification Training Courses

At Hidon training we offer courses based around any level of experience and on many different equipment types including:

  • PPT (Pedestrian)
  • PPT (Rider)
  • Stacker
  • Counterbalance
  • Reach / Pedestrian Reach
  • VNA – Man Up
  • VNA – Man Down
  • Telehandler
  • MEWP
  • Pivot Steer
  • Tow Tug
  • Medium Level Order Picker
  • High Level Order Picker
  • Multi Directional
  • Sideloader
  • Crane
  • Vertical Stock Picker
  • Emergency Rope Escape
  • Instructor Courses

Each of our training courses includes:

  • Presentation (Truck specific)
  • Theory Test
  • Practical
  • Practical Testing
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We are an AITT training provider. All of the accredited training that is successfully completed to the approved standards and registered with them. AITT are one of the current accrediting members that form the ABA (The Accrediting Bodies Association- Workplace Transport).

ABA Members include:

  • AITT

This is the registration system for any AITT Accredited training that has been successfully completed. Once the registration has been submitted, AITT will then issue a registration number for this entry. The registration number should be clearly outlined onto the operator certificate and/ or operator card for verification of training.

Only training providers that are members can submit these registrations.