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We are a forklift truck training 'UK' based company We offer specialist courses for all types of forklift trucks and equipment

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HSE and ABA Compliant Company We follow standards set by the ABA and HSE - L117 approved code of practice (ACOP)

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Become certified We provide the right forklift driver training course for your working needs to help you obtain an FLT Licence

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Why choose Hidon Training? Comprehensive forklift training & counterbalance training courses at very competitive prices

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Forklift Truck Driver Training Courses UK

Hidon Training is a forklift driver training provider based in the Northwest covering all areas of the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, London, and all key cities. We are able to operate FLT courses anywhere across the UK and will work to your schedule and needs.

Whether you are an individual looking to gain your FLT licence, or a business looking to run a forklift driver training course, then please get in touch today and we will be able to provide you with a free quote. Our expertise covers everything from FLT counterbalance courses to more specialised forklift driver training. We’re dedicated to helping your business grow, giving your employees the training and experience they need to operate forklifts at an industry-leading level.

At Hidon Training we understand the importance of your records being readily available to validate the competence of these operators. This is why we aim to issue our forklift certification and a verified FLT licence within 7 days of successful completion of any forklift driver training course. We are also AITT accredited and ensure our forklift training is completed to a high standard whilst remaining a cost-effective and fast solution for every future forklift driver.

The demand for online shopping is on the increase, which has led to an increased demand for forklift drivers and operators. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure they have provided sufficient training for employees who are operating any machinery as part of their role.

The importance and benefits of employees holding a forklift driving certificate or licence is understated; without licensed forklift operators, you would not be able to load, unload, store or move any goods within a company or warehouse. Having one or multiple staff members within a company that can operate a forklift is key to increasing the efficiency, safety, and quality of operations in a business.


Certified Operator Training Courses

At Hidon Training, all our training is delivered to the standards set by the HSE and ABA for complete satisfaction for quality assured driver training courses. We are an AITT Training Provider and complete AITT FLT monitoring standards every 12 months.

Improve career prospects, earn more, open your employment opportunities, update your C.V with new skills.

We aim to have you and your staff fully qualified with your forklift driver certification and licence withing 10 days. If you are you a floor manager, supervisor or a member of a team who needs to become a forklift certified driver with a counterbalance licence, then get in touch!

Our instructors are fully qualified and accredited. We offer forklift driver training courses across many different truck types to the high standard set by the ABA (Accrediting Bodies Association – Workplace Transport) following the guidance set by the HSE L117 Approved Code of Practice (ACOP). We always work with these leading associations to ensure our driver training courses comply with regulations. Safety, professionalism, and efficiency are the foundations of our work.


Improve Career Prospects

Improve career prospects, earn more, expand your employment opportunities and update your C.V with new FLT and counterbalance skills. At Hidon Training we aim to have you and your staff fully qualified with your forklift certification & licence within 10 days of sucessful completion. Obtaining the full FLT licence and becoming a practised forklift driver through our training courses will increase your employability and open new doors within multiple industries and sectors. Counterbalance licence and certificates are the outcomes for any FLT course, and we will build on your skillset focussing on any area of forklift driver training necessary. Having a forklift driving certificate that you can show your employer will enable you to stand out during job applications showing you’re knowledgeable and qualified.


Health & Safety, AITT Accredited

Companies need to be compliant with UK Health and Safety standards. It has been documented that around 8000 accidents relating to forklift trucks happen every year costing businesses dearly in compensation, equipment downtime as well as any absence of staff. Contact us and we can advise you regarding fully training your staff and helping them to achieve their FLT counterbalance licence through our forklift driver courses.

Enrol on a forklift driver training course and have a certification within 10 days of successful completion. As the number of industrial estates, retail parks & warehouses are on the increase, the demand for qualified forklift truck drivers has increased dramatically since 2012.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure you provide sufficient forklift operator training and licensing on all equipment being used on your premises, using our fully qualified instructors and forklift driver courses ensures that all FLT guidance has been implemented in accordance with the HSE and AITT.

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Forklift Truck Driver Training - UK Certified Training Success Rates

We offer many aspects of forklift training and driver courses across a wide range of lifting equipment on customer premises at a very competitive price. Although we aim for 100% pass rate in some instances this is not always possible, however with our dedicated instructors and additional training time where required and sometimes providing training on a 1-1 basis, we have been able to covert our fails into passes giving us a 93% pass rate.

93% Pass Rate
7% Fail Rate
7% Re-Takes

Testimonials What Our Clients Say

Fork Lift Training

The training went well, thanks for your support in organising. I am a happy customer and will return when there is a requirement.

S. Laurie


“Review of Fork Lift Refresher Training”

A smooth experience from start to finish, from receiving a competitive quote to booking the instructor - excellent service. The instructor was very thorough with a pleasant manner offering a very professional refresher course. We would highly recommend Hidon.

Joanne Sixsmith

Aures (Health & Safety Officer)

I would wholeheartedly recommend Hidon Training. From novice training to train the trainer they provide an excellent service, carried out  with total professionalism from PPT to VNA equipment. This is backed up with a dedicated back office support team who will ensure that all your requirements are met, or exceeded. Very competitively priced and great value for money.

Tony Porter

Retired Industry Professional

Hidon have supported our training requirement on site through the past year to a high standard, the instructors have always been well presented, happy to help and flexible to our training needs

Mrs C Lewis

B & M Distribution

I highly recommend Hidon Training. They are efficient, helpful and friendly staff who will see the process of the training through for you. Full training or refresher training along with many other helpful services. Competitively priced.

Mr S Walker

JST Forklifts Ltd

We have a continued good working relationship with Hidon Training. Kelly Donlan company director has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the mechanical handling training industry and her instructing team are all equally knowledgeable in the training field. They have an excellent customer service record, this reflects in their professionalism and dependability.

M Sodano

Crown Lift Trucks MHE Instructor

Accreditation Who We Work With

Hidon Training operates nation wide. We offer forklift driver training in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, London, just to name a few. We have accredited instructors in every city across the UK. At Hidon Training we are also proud to be very competitive on price and will be able to provide a high-quality FLT training service at a low cost.

If your business requires staff to complete a forklift driver training course then feel free to get in touch and get their FLT Licence training started today.

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Enrol Today How to become a Qualified Forklift Truck Driver

If you require forklift driver training or a PPT, stacker, VNA or counterbalance license and would like to enrol on a forklift driver training course or would like to discuss an upcoming project then call or email us today!

We'll be happy to provide a free initial consultation for all our FLT courses. We have fully qualified, accredited instructors that are able to offer forklift driver training across many different truck types to the high standard set by the ABA (Accrediting Bodies Association - Workplace Transport) following the guidance set by the HSE L117 Approved Code of Practice (ACOP).

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